I just wanted to let you know that he left me a note on my car this morning and when I got to work there were flowers from him to me! He says he wants to work things out and knows what he wants now. I love you don't know how you did it but I am so thankful I found you and listened to what you said thank you.
From Mary ILL.

You went above and beyond. Thanks for making things right between me and my ex. We have a new life now and we don't argue like we used to. Also you were right that I wouldn't have to worry anymore about everything falling apart. We're solid like you said we'd be. Anyways, I just wanted to write in and tell you how much you are appreciated.

Mike .-Madison, WI

It's scary sometimes to think about what would have happened if I had not found you. You really made everything turn around for the best. My life was put on hold and I was stuck and you got me back to living and loving and being me again. I will always consider you my number one adviser on any situation where I know I could do better. You brought me back to the one I love and I will never forget you for that.

Thank You Love Paul WA

I couldn't get a Job I was with out work for about 4 Months got in contacted with her and she did an energy healing for me And told me I would get a job before the week was up. Well she was Right an it worked
Lisa from. NJ

My wife just picked up and left me after 14 yrs of marriage!!! what a nightmare. I called her and got a Energy healing she told me this would reunite me with my wife in about a week At first I wasn't to sure about it But I gave it a shot. I was very amazed She contacted me exactly when she said she would And she wanted to come home. I really appreciate all she has done for me I am happy again thank you so much. tony. NY
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